Friday, March 27, 2009


It was mothers’ day a few days ago; I was at camp so I couldn’t upload a blog entry. It was a day of laughter. Of great memories. Of hugs. Distance phone calls.

I can with much certainty declare I have the world’s greatest mum. Even at times when I had to leave for school or go camping or visit friends, her presence was never far away: loving…. Providing…. Comforting…

Her words wouldn’t amount much to a blogger, a stranger, but to me, her words have provided a life long of warmth, inspiration and motivation. Her words have in so many ways built me. Her achievements aptly illustrate the bible when it says ‘the lord shall bless the works of thine hands’. Her works have been blest in plentifold.

During the scary years of my childhood, she was a predictable source of comfort: crushes came and went. Girlfriends came and left. But mum was there.

Even as my hobbies changed: I loved football. Then loved books. Then loved poetry. Mum was constant. I hated Maths. Hated Biology. Hated Inter Science. But she loved me not less.

For all the years I have lived, one thing has been constant, her presence. Because she is here, everything is perfect: throaty laughter fills the house. I eat till I tire. Memories are pleasantly engaged. Because of her presence, the past is a joy and the future is assured. Because of her presence, growing up has been perfect: the stuff of fairy tales laced with the mystery of this world….
She makes the major decisions at home. Breaks up the fights. Disciplines us. Pays the bills. Till this day, she doesn’t do anything unusual: She does what mothers should do…. always be there. Loving. Comforting. Praying.


  1. this was so sweet. ...but why would she hate u cos u didnt like inter science, lol. dont mind me, just joking.

  2. Kafo: Thanks...
    Bumight: Your comments great. Love your blog.

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog. Thank God for your mum. Remain blessed

  4. awww, we sur are blessed to have her, thanks for finding d words to describe how we feel but cant express ( cos of our poetic retardation, lol). very nicely put!

  5. I wish I were ur mom... Hope ur mom has seen this.