Thursday, March 18, 2010


Tapping. Rapping. Knocking.
My heart from all doom carefully is guarded
But as time gleefully by me passes
Tragedy in looming maturity engages

That fear so familiar,
Its memory upon my heart is engraved
I remember surely, if I be not in God’s mercies,
Impending gloom be my portion

Shouldn’t all woes by me fade?
As in my loneliest hours,
My knees from prayer never sored,
And as I prayed, my eyes of tears dried.

Its legend HIS son for my bliss was killed,
But how then do I know, for within me is doubt…

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Christ with HIS army of twelve,
carried forth their weapons,
and upon the futile earth
embarked on a journey of mysticism.

For mere men as I,
A sinful hand from my path they wiped,
Promising that if I just believe,
All heavens glory will upon me be revealed.

A huge difference to my life it made:
Accepting him not only as man born of woman,
But as the Almighty’s beloved son,
Who reconciles all men to the kingdom of the Father.

It’s HIS promises that keep me going,
For as I be in HIM, so would HE be in me.