Tuesday, August 7, 2012


It Pinches Deep:
the Walls of my Stomach
Stuck Together like Glue.

This Pain that Lingers
will Hastily become Pleasure
with Simple Sip
of Nectars Sweet Taste

What Good does it Make?
If in Free Will
To pain I am Subject,
yet in End, Achieve nothing as Result

In Search of Piety,
of all Pleasures I Starve
for the Lords Hunger, is one of Many Sacrifices

Monday, July 16, 2012


Its all the same:
one hope that at extremes binds us

After witnessing ill, he said
'In Kano lies wrath:
bodies in thousands we saw,
and its same in every town Haram rolls'

Government swift in grace rose
'be not deceived,
for this fights cause is unjust:
and with military might we'd win'

Now its all the same,
our city like Kano, is one of orphans.

Monday, April 2, 2012

KANO. 23 JANUARY, 2012.

The sun in smoke was covered
as everywhere was in roars:
she placed her hands on aged breasts
and pictured it:
Kano: a city of rubble and death.

Then military's intervention came
making obvious the doom that lay forth:
the stutter of gunfire,
the muffle of orphaned cries.

That long- held- patient cry awoke:
looking upon his lifeless body
she said a prayer
'No mother should her son bury,
good lord, I'd gladly give my soul for his'

Saturday, January 28, 2012

tWeNtY and FoUR

From birth,
heaven gave her word:
'His name shall be Momoh,
Momoh who in Aquarius born'

that can only be gifted by heaven:
upon me the lord released,
making my life like a jewel shine

Then my father to me speaks:
'as you turn tWeNtY and FoUR
my favors well you'd enjoy
as with lavish and grace, i'd freely give'

To not too distant past I think,
remembering when life to me was ill. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

.......... THE TAP HEAD

At 9:00pm
the president on news came
I heard him say a slogan
‘save water: every drop matters’

I asked mother for a drink
and she said
'turn the tap head,
and pray that this time, water flows’

I look through window as I turn the tap head
and see water lavishly wasted
in fountains that never run dry
and sprinklers that wet green grass

I swear a tear escaped my eyes,
as I turned in disappointment from the tap.