Saturday, January 28, 2012

tWeNtY and FoUR

From birth,
heaven gave her word:
'His name shall be Momoh,
Momoh who in Aquarius born'

that can only be gifted by heaven:
upon me the lord released,
making my life like a jewel shine

Then my father to me speaks:
'as you turn tWeNtY and FoUR
my favors well you'd enjoy
as with lavish and grace, i'd freely give'

To not too distant past I think,
remembering when life to me was ill. 


  1. May the ills continue to be a past memory, and may Gods ineffable grace be upon you all your life. Happy birth-month, gift of God.:-)

  2. Beautifully written! It's wonderful that no matter how bad the past was, the future can always be better! Especially if we all realise that the power is in our hands to determine our reactions to things that happen. Winston Churchill said "circumstances are neither good nor bad but thinking makes them so"..,

  3. happy birthday. may your life be filled with God's goodness