Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A liFE BY CHAnce

From a father to his son was said

'Your life be by chance
for your existence to your parents
none but pain a thousand fold brings'

Of love... of mercy upon her heart
your mother with you a chance took.
But when with years you grow,
my own chance I shall take

In the rivers deep I shall cast you,
and with delight, hope by chance you drown'


  1. Na wa o. What exactly inspired this one?

  2. Ha Ha Ha... Dont remember what exactly inspired it... Think its a father, hating his son for killing his wife....

  3. Thanks AlooFar for reading my blog, its comments like yours that keep me writing....

  4. came back to comment on "As wE cRucIfiED hiM...."
    what happened?