Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Doth that man love God who would be willing to see
Christ in a crown of thorns
while for himself, he craves a crown of laurels?

Was Christ not ascended unto the throne by the cross,
should anyone messenger/ follower
expect to ascend his throne
on the shoulders of applauding crowds?

Weigh fast the cost,
if you do not will to bear Christs burden,
return to your labour and machinery,
be swift, hastily make profit

But let me whisper in your ears,
'What shall it profit a man
if he gains the whole world and loses his own dear soul?'


  1. Adejoh, this is crap: really dissapointed by this post. My want or expectations for a life thats comfortable should not put me at odds with God...
    Are you by any means implying that inorder to bask in His salvation, we have to partake of His suffering?

  2. @ Seye: Thanks for your comment, what you up to?
    @ Anonymous: Thanks for your comment. As much as we like to think our posts represent generic ideals, most times, these posts are just personal, representing the thoughts of the author as at the time he wrote them... I am so sorry as regards however you might feel...

  3. At the cross, at the cross
    where I first saw the light
    and the burdens of my heart rolled away,
    it was there by faith,
    I received my sight
    and now I am happy all the way.