Saturday, January 28, 2012

tWeNtY and FoUR

From birth,
heaven gave her word:
'His name shall be Momoh,
Momoh who in Aquarius born'

that can only be gifted by heaven:
upon me the lord released,
making my life like a jewel shine

Then my father to me speaks:
'as you turn tWeNtY and FoUR
my favors well you'd enjoy
as with lavish and grace, i'd freely give'

To not too distant past I think,
remembering when life to me was ill. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

.......... THE TAP HEAD

At 9:00pm
the president on news came
I heard him say a slogan
‘save water: every drop matters’

I asked mother for a drink
and she said
'turn the tap head,
and pray that this time, water flows’

I look through window as I turn the tap head
and see water lavishly wasted
in fountains that never run dry
and sprinklers that wet green grass

I swear a tear escaped my eyes,
as I turned in disappointment from the tap.