Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Lately, my relationship with Christ has bothered me... Its not that I don't love Him as much as I used to, it's not that I don't feel His prescence as much as I used to, It's just that I realise I have become increasingly fearful: I've let that familiar fear creep in, I've let my friends point to my insecurities that I hardly see my accomplishments- and in all humility, I am a quite accomplished fellow, I've let rejection from friends/ loved ones form value judgement as to how I perceive myself...
I just saw a post on http://www.hajel.blogspot.com/ titled 'Bring It On' and it's inspired me: every one deserves to read it. I have resolved to start afresh with Christ: to look beyond my past woes and look to His truth that reassures/ refreshes me daily... I have resolved to rekindle my faith: faith in family, in my friends, in my relationships, in myself... I have resolved to embrace His adversities as long as they are His will... I have decided to let go of fighting my demons, cast them to Him for He says the battle is His and the victory is mine, I've resolved that I wouldn't shrink or hide my accomplishments just so others would feel better, for theres a saying: ' by letting your light shine, you give others permission to do the same...

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Engulfing... Consuming

the darkness that from this news comes

robs me

of the option of grief

Swifty. Sadly

Everyday I face the same truth

Pain is like a thief in the night

Deep, quiet, persistent, unfair...

Puzzled. Illogical

How do I make sense of such a random act?

In my grief I realize,

death is sad and final...

To me it once was said

'To honour our lost loves, we must live our own lives well'