Friday, January 30, 2009


Yes, it’s totally true, I have become some sort of local champion: helping people look through their poems. Critiquing them. Correcting them. Interpreting them.

I had a friend over at my house today. We looked through a bunch of his passionate poetry together. I’d spot lapses and areas of strength.- Maybe someday, I’d make a living off being a critique. Lol!

Overcome by some sort of excitement, he hurled question after question. Just as he turned to leave, he asked a question that hit me.
‘What’s your religion?’ My reaction was totally classic: ‘What does religion have to do with poetry?’ I asked, conveniently shoving the question aside. He pondered for a quick second and left.
I have often wondered why people get fascinated at my religion. Couldn’t people just be friends, yet know some things are sacred. For me, the concept of religion is personal; however, for my poetry friend, and other friends who would like to know my religion, I would disclose all of it here.
My father is a Christian, my mother is a Muslim. I have had to most of my life deal with the duality of religion. Sometime in Middle school, I decided I would take the good parts of both religions. Just live right according to the standards of God.
However, the thing about non conformity to any one religion is though I see a bit of myself in every religion. I still feel to a large extent detached, alienated from them. Without an obligation to any one religion, I am at some level apart, free, and in some strange way, alone.
I am more a Christian though: Christianity comes as a choice not an imposition: all my questions as regards faith, spirituality, existence… have not magically been resolved/ answered by the Christian God. But in my unbelief, I feel Jesus’ and not Allah’s spirit coming upon me.
It’s a choice to submit myself to his will. Just as it’s my choice to at some point remain free. Just as it’s my choice to discover the truths of God, not within the confinement of any religion, be it Christianity or Islam. Those still with a lot of questions, I consider myself spiritual and NOT RELIGIOUS….