Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How She Left

I notice it even as I eat, or sit or walk; my motions are getting slower, more deliberate, purposeful even. I hear the door handle twist violently, almost like the person who twists it expects it to swing open. When it did not open, I hear an even louder knock.

I lay still in bed, allowing whoever it is the pleasure of a second knock. All the while I imagine who I must have given the right to knock on my door that hard.  After the second knock I lazily pull myself up from the bed, in the distance from room to door, I hear even louder knocks.

‘Did you not hear me honk at the gate?’ she asked as I opened the door and I hoped the question came out as a joke. It wasn’t until I turned towards her and saw her awaiting response that I sighed defeated-ly and said,

‘Was I supposed to hear?’ a response that didn’t really mean anything, but seeing as it answered a senseless question to begin with, I did not mind. I probably should have asked if I was the gate keeper or if people stayed in their houses and listened for honks.  

We sat for minutes in silence, I thought of offering a cold drink from the fridge but I did not just get myself to. Instead I sat there, willing to say much and actually not saying anything. We both stared, it was uncomfortable at first but it quickly got better. She pulled herself up abruptly, grabbed her car keys and said,

‘Let me quickly drop someone off and return’, I smiled wide. She had outdone herself. I didn’t think she could stand our silence for thirty minutes.
It is ten minutes before she sends me a message,

‘I might run a little late’, I smile and think to myself ‘Learner’…. ‘this is how she finally leaves my life’

Have similar stories of partners who craftily leave just before valentine so they can avoid gifting? Please share in the comments or leave me a mail.... 

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