Saturday, February 13, 2010

My Birthday...Youth Service...POP...Poetry...Allen...

I haven't posted anything in a while... maybe not a while, that would be a huge understatement, maybe like a year or something... I have been growing, maturing in ways I never thought I would, I have been socialising: over the time span between my last post and now, I have met some of the most intelligent, exciting, professional people whose influence would continue to provide some sort of guidiance.
I started my National Youth Service, and just recently concluded it. I started my first paid job, and recently completed its course. I became a leader in my church, and up until recently, I was convinced it was the right thing to do.
Yesterday the 12th was my birthday: Abuja's first rain of the year fell on the same day... still trying to figure out if theres more to that than just rain, but I pray it means something good would come my way this year... The day before that, on the 11th, I had my passing out parade...
Have spent the last year working on a book of poetry: Its a collection of 60 English Sonnet styled poems. Read a really intresting poem on Seyes blog yesterday: Think the title is allen avenue or something, loved his incorporation of dialogue in the poem and its easy blend with all the conventional elements of modern poetry.
Its good to blog again, would be uploading poems from my newest book sometime soon.

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