Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Over the last few days, I have had too much time to ponder on the dimensions of love and its many perplexities: the love that provokes a mother to abandon her family? The love that leads one to lose all that which he loves?

They say the love of God is the root of all knowledge. Is it possible to love God to the extent that you denounce the very children that out of your womb came?
I am filled with questions and in a short supply of answers. It’s true Jesus said we should leave our families and follow him, but to my interpretation, it doesn’t mean abandon or cast them out, it simply means God should be priority in your life; he should precede your family. Your love for him should come first.

I recently made a decision to become a Christian: to live, preach the gospel. I have made many decisions alike to this in the past, but now it’s different. I know it’s different because I no longer seek a religion, I seek a relationship. I no longer seek to see his face- though that’d be great, but I believe his truth whether I see him or not.

I haven’t magically gotten answers to all my questions/concerns as regards religion, but now, even in my confusion, I feel his peace. Even in my fear, his boldness comes upon me. In my times of need, I know he provides.

I choose to be guided aright. I’d check myself every once in a while with the slogan, ‘WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?’
For me, the love of Christ is a dark gift, one that triggers my passion for redemption. One that introduces me to the miracle that I am.


  1. Deep, Deep!

    See, now you are pushing me to do a post on this. Maybe I'd title it Killing Religion.
    It's wonder-full how you refer to Jesus's love as a dark gift. I think I understand.

    But in the end... those things that don't make sense are the only things that do make sense.
    And all our knowledge, death!

  2. hmmmm
    people take Jesus' words out of context every now and again and i think this is one of the most misunderstood ones'

    he wasn't telling people to leave family to starve and die but instead he was addressing the issue among the pharisees to use family as an excuse to not follow him and surrender 100%. another similiar situation was the story of the rich young fool

    you are sooo right
    it is about relationship
    First and foremost
    everything else falls into place when we seek him above all.

    i paused when you said you no longer seek his face.
    that is deep oooh and not all of us can claim it
    as you did

  3. @ SEYE: Thanks for taking your time to read my blog. 'Killing Religion?' I'd love to see that blog post. And yeah, Jesus's love is a dark gift, good you can relate. Thanks.

    @ KAFO: You may never know how grateful I am that you read my blog posts and comment. What I meant by I no longer seek his face is, whether I see it or not, I would still believe.

  4. Well I love dis...I feel you should not rationalize scriptures makes having faith difficult..just trust him enough to show you everything he neeeds 2 show u at the appointed time, seek his him and does doubts WILL be cleared!